Healthy Pregnancy Eating: Plant Based Wraps with Cauliflower Crumble

As soon as my second trimester hit my sweet tooth has been out of control. I’m craving everything from gummies to ice cream to cupcakes (not my proudest confession I must say). One of my mid-day snacks often consists of Squish gummies (ok fine, I had a couple after breaky this morning, no biggie) so…

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Immune Boosting Tips to Get Through the Rest of Winter

It’s that time of the year folks, where everyone is feeling generally “under the weather”. It’s the final bit of winter and everyone is slowly trying to make it out without coming down with the common cold. Did you know the US population comes down with an estimated 1 BILLION colds a year. In both…

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Burdock Root: What It Is and Why You Need It in Your Diet

You’ve likely encountered & complained about the Burdock plant (aka Arctium & Gobo) while hiking through the forest. The flowers of the plant take on a burr like form and stick to everything they come in contact with. While the burrs are troublesome, the root is rich in minerals and nutrients. It’s such an underappreciated…

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