Burdock Root: What It Is and Why You Need It in Your Diet

You’ve likely encountered & complained about the Burdock plant (aka Arctium & Gobo) while hiking through the forest. The flowers of the plant take on a burr like form and stick to everything they come in contact with. While the burrs are troublesome, the root is rich in minerals and nutrients. It’s such an underappreciated root vegetable, but soo good for your health, especially your hormonal health.

I’ll never forget the first time I tried burdock root, it was actually at Live Organic Food and I remember thinking ‘yum! What is this delicious food that’s earthy, sweet and savoury all in one?’ I was in hooked! I started noticing over time that my body actually started to crave burdock. Sometimes when our bodies are low in certain vitamins and minerals, we’ll crave foods to supply what’s missing. For instance, when low in magnesium many people crave chocolate because chocolate (dark varieties 85% or higher) supplies magnesium to the body. This prompted me to dig deeper into the benefits of burdock and once I was done my research, I understood why my body wanted more of this delicious root.

Burdock is quite popular in Chinese & herbal medicine for its detoxification properties in the blood & lymphatic system. Not only is burdock root delicious, but it goes well beyond detoxification.

1. Promotes hormonal balance.

Helps the liver metabolize hormones, like estrogen, which can help to rebalance the body’s hormonal levels. It also helps regulate the secretion of estrogen & progesterone, which can address the root issue of the imbalance.

2. Aids digestion.

High concentrations of fiber help to relieve constipation & prevent bloating, cramping, & ulcers. Gut health plays a significant role in hormone regulation so having a digestive issue will also increase your chances of developing a hormonal imbalance.

3) Improves skin.

Many herbalists recommend burdock root for the treatment of skin conditions, as this powerful herb can reduce inflammation & solve the underlying problems of toxicity. Active components like arctiin & lignans in burdock root have an anti-aging effect & provide supple & younger looking skin. It’s also beneficial in fighting eczema, as well as, acne due to its blood purification abilities. If you suffer from hormonal acne this should be a staple in your diet!

Burdock root can be difficult to find, but you can enjoy it in a variety of ways- raw, as a tea, as a supplement, fry it, boil it, or go to Live and try one of these delicious dishes with burdock root.

Trainer’s Bowl

Bibimbap Bowl

Burdock Burrito

Vegan Sushi

Your body, your hormones and your taste buds will thank you.

Julie Ann Harris is a women’s hormonal health expert, who helps women balance their hormones naturally.

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