Cold Pressed Organic Juice Cleanses

Live’s cleanses are designed to suit your lifestyle and detox needs. We use 100% certified organic produce and a hydraulic press to create fresh, tasty juices with intact enzymes. Our extensive menu of freshly made salads and meals makes it easy to remain on a cleanse for an extended duration.

Beginning a Cleanse

The night before you begin your cleanse, try to get to bed as early as possible. Consume water or herbal tea (no caffeine) before 9:00 pm so your body has time to do its work! On the morning you begin your cleanse, consume a juice every two hours, or as often as you desire. Additionally, drink at least eight ounces of water in between each juice.

NOTE: When cleansing, you can expect to loosen up toxins. The body releases toxins that have been lodged in fat cells and will activate many other detox pathways in the system. Once this happens, a cleansing reaction can occur. Symptoms can range from headaches, stiff joints, dizziness, nausea, low energy, runny nose or cough (mucous release), mood swings and low grade fever. Contact us if you experience symptoms not listed above.

ELIMINATION: Everybody is different and elimination is different for all. When consuming a complete liquid cleanse, the bowels may work more slowly. We do recommend colonics or taking drawing pills to aid elimination if you feel bloated and elimination does not occur after the second day.


After your Cleanse

Continue to be good to yourself and break your cleanse gently. Prepare your home for the day after with fresh fruits and salad ingredients.

When you wake, drink fresh water to hydrate yourself. You can continue to have a fresh green vegetable juice following the water. Next, have your fruit of choice, chewing well.

A couple of hours later, have a big green salad. We advise avoiding beans, grains and animal protein on this day. You can, however, add avocado or raw nuts if desired. An example of a great dinner is a simple salad or steamed greens.

Happy Inside! Happy Outside!


Beginner Cleanse

This easy-on-the-system cleanse is designed for people who have little experience with cleansing and detox. It’s a great introduction to a raw diet and includes solid food, in addition to a liquid cleanse. This is a great way to lose weight and transition into a plant-based diet.

Intermediate Cleanse

We recommend the intermediate cleanse for more experienced cleansers. It is perfect for those who would like a deep cleanse but are not quite ready for something as intense as the hardcore cleanse. For those with no cleansing experience, we recommend easing into this program by eating a clean diet for one week prior to starting the cleanse. This is a complete detox for the body, consisting of fresh juices and elixirs. This is a liquid juice cleanse with no solid food.

Hardcore Cleanse

This cleanse is designed for those who eat a “clean” diet, get regular exercise and have some experience with cleansing programs. This is a liquid juice cleanse with no solid food.

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