Hardcore Cleanse

This cleanse is designed for those who eat a “clean” diet, get regular exercise and have some experience with cleansing programs. This is a liquid juice cleanse with no solid food.

$75 per Day

Sample Day

200ml Elixir
475ml Green Juice
475ml Green Juice/Detox Juice
475ml Green Juice
475ml Refresh Juice
475ml Green Juice
475ml Cashew Milk

Certified Organic Juices


Stimulates digestion, boosts metabolism and alkalizes.


Dark greens are great colon cleansers and an excellent source of soluble fiber, energy and protein.


Great for the lungs, skin and cleaning of the blood. Promotes circulation and detoxification of the kidneys. Excellent source of soluble fiber.


Acts like a scrub brush, cleaning your liver and colon, while aiding in digestion, boosting your metabolism and burning calories.

Cashew Milk

Cashews are naturally low in carbohydrates, high in healthy fats, rich in protein and fiber. Supports a healthy immune system.

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